Who We Are

Humans have been gathering on the Earth since the beginning of time. The desire to create beautiful occasions to come together is nothing new, and yet, how we do it is evolving. This is how Dahlias and Details was born.


With the help from supportive family and friends we are a one-woman (for now) special event production team specializing in family and celebratory life events, whatever those may look like for you. We are different because we come to you and make your event special and unique to your personal needs. We have options! We plan, build and completely set-up the event to your liking and then take it all down when the party's over. We can come to your house, meet you at a park or a beach, or even the forest. It's all up to you. We can even simply drop off all the party goods to your doorstep if you want to do the rest yourself! You get to decide your experience. 


Everything we do is created with the Earth in mind. We use all-natural utensils, decorations and local food and beverages whenever possible to minimize our footprint on this beautiful planet. We strive for every event to have minimal to no waste whatsoever. 


We create gorgeous gatherings through the beauty of nature by utilizing natural decoration elements, creating a one-of-a-kind experience and atmosphere. These little details are what make us special.


To top it off, you can rest-assure your event will have all of the legal considerations complete. Having worked in HR for my entire career, I know the importance of covering our bases. I take care of permits, liability, etc. depending on the events’ location.


The world is a new place and continues to be so --- I wanted to rethink how we come together to celebrate the special times in our lives. Welcome to Dahlias and Details. Let’s plan something amazing together.

Meet Nicki

Hi, I’m Nicki. I figure if you and I are going to work together, you might as well know a few things about me. Events are my passion. My love of planning really started back in college when I became the Event Director of my student government team. From there I transitioned and evolved in a career in HR. My attention to “details” and bringing people together really remained at the forefront of everything I did. In 2010, I planned my own wedding (chalk-full of my favorite flowers, you guessed it, dahlias!) Shortly after I became a mother. Juggling my career, my children and some major world changes in 2020,  I decided to refocus and figure out how to build my own business that centered around my passion. I created Dahlias and Details as a way to bring my love of creating intimate, personalized experiences to others. I’m so grateful to be doing work that I love and I’m so excited to help build memories with you.


Curated Celebrations

I believe in the power of gathering together and celebrating important moments in our lives. I am an event planner that offers sit down (table and chairs) or luxury picnic style celebrations. I also offer a catering style that consist of our different boxes and platter. The thought and details that go into curating a celebration create lifelong memories. 



Earth Friendly

I strive to create zero-waste earth friendly events though the use of reusable and compostable items. I create decor from natural, found, recycled and thrifted materials. 


Locally Sourced


Sourcing locally grown and created food is both good for the soul and the environment. I partner whenever possible with Santa Cruz County small businesses, farms, wineries and vendors for all of my events.